Treatment Of Skin Burns At Home

Treatment of Skin Burns

Treatment of Skin Burns At Home

Treatment of burns at home requires immediate action. Steamers, irons, electrical appliances and other household appliances that are firmly integrated into our lives become frequent causes of injuries. It is necessary to know how to treat a burn, what to treat, how to help yourself or others at home. This useful knowledge and skills will help to keep the skin from scarring, to ease the pain. It should be reacted quickly since any delay leads to irreversible consequences of the violation of the epidermis and dermis.

It is important to distinguish the degree of defeat since at home you can treat a burn of 1 or 2 degrees. At 3 and 4 degrees there is a deep, extensive lesion of the skin and subcutaneous structures, therefore it is impossible to engage in independent treatment. It is necessary to immediately call an ambulance because in such cases, the burn can be cured only in the hospital.

  1. At 1 degree a red spot appears on the skin. With a strong sensitivity, blisters with a liquid inside may appear.
  2. In the second stage, the lesion extends deep into the skin. Appear strong redness and blisters with a transparent infiltrate inside. Such burns are formed as a result of scalding with boiling water, steam, contact with aggressive chemicals. If the area of the lesion is greater than the palm, you can not treat the burn at home.
  3. At 3 degrees a severe burn occurs, deep layers of the skin and muscles are affected, the blisters formed immediately burst, scabs appear. The cause is damage to electricity or chemicals. Treatment should be carried out in a hospital. At home, you can only provide first aid with a burn to remove the strongest pain syndrome.
  4. At 4 degrees, the lesion is charred.


To get burns in a domestic environment can be in several ways, the treatment differs depending on the source of the lesion. It is very important to know when and how you can independently treat burns at home.


Depending on the source of the lesions, the following types are distinguished:

  • Electric.
    Occurs as a result of a lightning strike or contact with faulty electrical appliances.
  • Thermal (thermal).
    It appears because of the action of steam, fire, boiling water.
  • Chemical.
    Appears as a result of contact with the skin of aggressive chemicals.
  • Ray.
    Occurs because of prolonged exposure to the scorching sun.

You can not treat a chemical burn at home. The only thing that is recommended in this case is to rinse the affected area with cold water. Do not wash the affected area with water if the burn is obtained with quicklime. Determine the extent of the lesion and make the right decision about treatment only by a specialist.


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