Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Oily skin is not something to be proud of. It not only makes your face greasy and shiny, it is also a major cause of acne. With the arrival of the summer, oily skin becomes an urgent problem for skin care. Here are some simple tips to help you control oily skin:


Different people have different skin types with specific needs. When it comes to oily skin, the goal is to control excess oil without drying out the skin too much. Therefore, when purchasing skincare products, look for products formulated specifically for oily skin. The ingredients for the search are willow bark and zinc oxide. Both help to absorb extra oil into the skin without removing too much moisture.

Wash your face with a non-alcoholic detergent every day, but not more than twice a day. Then follow with a non-alcoholic toner to absorb the excess oil and minimize the pores. If the weather is particularly dry and/or you are using acne medications, do not forget to moisturize them. Choose light moisturizers with natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil or babassu wax, which moisturize the skin without making it oily or greasy, and do not apply generously. If you use makeup, choose oil-free cosmetics for a matte look.

2.Eating a Healthy Diet

While the exact mechanism remains uncertain, scientists have observed that the consumption of many fatty and fatty foods can lead to oil production by the sebaceous glands. This is another reason to avoid french fries and chips. Replace your usual oil snacks with healthier alternatives such as fruits and vegetables. Not only are they good for the body, they are also full of nutrients that help the skin become healthier, brighter and more transparent.

A secret to the skin you need to know is that there are vitamins that help control the sebaceous glands in the skin. These are vitamins A and B5. Good sources of vitamin A are carrots, mangoes, squash, broccoli, and spinach. You will find vitamin B5 in legumes, whole grains, eggs, and meat.


If you have a very oily skin that is difficult to treat, you can supplement the vitamins A and B5 that you normally receive from your diet with capsules and oral tablets. Vitamin A is taken orally in the form of isotretinoin in brand names such as Accutane, Amnesteem, Clavaris, and Sotret. While this vitamin can dramatically improve oil production and oil-related acne, it has serious side effects. A safer and over-the-counter alternative would be to take vitamin B5 supplements. These control the oil in the skin without soaking the sebaceous glands and have few side effects. But do not overdo it: it is better to try different methods before taking the supplement route.


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