What is Laser Skin Treatment?

Laser Skin Treatment

Laser Skin Treatment, also called resurfacing, is a method of cosmetic care for blemishes including acne, scars, birthmarks, red veins, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is especially useful to treat signs of aging and reduce other signs of damage, including sun spots, an uneven complexion, or liver spots.

During the treatment session, the doctor will hold a handheld device to the tissue, sending a laser beam to remove damaged cells. Most laser skin treatment methods involve the vaporization of the outermost layer of skin. This method reveals a smoother surface underneath the damaged tissue. Others are non-ablative, which means that they do not remove the skin’s surface, and in this case, the procedure focuses on stimulating collagen growth beneath the surface, filling in fine lines and wrinkles from the inside.

Laser skin treatments are relatively painless; the sensation is much like a rubber band snapping against your face. Unlike other cosmetic surgery procedures, the skin heals quickly following laser treatment. This laser treatment is conducted using a variety of beam types, which penetrate the tissue to a range of different distances. Those which penetrate deeper into the skin may require a longer recovery period.

Following the resurfacing session, your face will likely be red and a little swollen. This should subside in just a few days; you can return to your normal life immediately after leaving the clinic. It may take several procedures to achieve the desired results with laser skin treatment; the results can often be subtle, yet by the end of your sessions, you should see noticeable changes in your skin.

Several different varieties of lasers are used for these procedures, such as erbium and carbon dioxide. These same lasers are also used for other types of cosmetic laser treatments. The lasers are effective for smoothing and tightening the surface of the skin, evening the complexion, and reducing scars or other marks on the skin.

The first step during each session is to apply a numbing cream, which will reduce the pain or discomfort associated with the procedure. Next, the doctor moves the handheld device across the skin’s surface. It may take just a few minutes, or nearly two hours if you plan to treat your entire neck and face. Instead, you may choose to focus on the areas around the eyes, the forehead, or any other problem area you feel is in need of extra attention.

Following the procedure, be sure to use plenty of sunscreen and moisturizer to help your face heal properly. The recovery period depends on the exact laser procedure that has been used since some penetrate the tissue deeper than others.

Laser Skin Treatment is used by many people to reduce signs of aging, helping you look and feel your best.

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