How to Care For Skin Burn

Skin Burn

How to Care For Skin Burn

Burns and scars on the skin can be mild to severe. Mild burns do not leave a scar, while moderate to severe burns require extra attention and ultimately scarring. In this article, we will tell you how to treat burns and scars on the skin.

How to treat skin burn

Dealing with first-degree burns is not that difficult as long as you stay calm. Remember, proper first aid treatment helps reduce the damage caused by burns.

Cool Of the Burn

If you suffer from a burn, hold the affected area for ten to fifteen minutes or until the pain subsides, under cold water. If the burned area is in a difficult area where it is difficult to place under running water, immerse the burned area in the water. An additional cooling technique requires a wet and cold pad as an alternative to water.

Keep the Burned Area Protected

It is possible to protect the affected area with a clean and sterile gauze bandage. Stay away from any fluffy fabric or fluff. Wrap the dressing around the wound without tightening it to put pressure on the burnt skin.

Handle The Pain & Await Help

Feel free to use an over-the-counter analgesic to limit the pain of burning. But if the pain is too extreme, talk to a doctor about stronger medication.

Third-degree burns require immediate medical attention. While you wait for help to appear, make sure you do not get rid of burnt objects. Do not immerse your body in cold water as this may cause shock and hypothermia.

If you help someone with a severe burn, start CPR if the person is not breathing. Lift the burned areas up to the level of the heart and use a cold, damp sterile bandage to cover the burned areas.

Treatment of burn scars

One of the most effective treatments for burn scars is a combination of snail secretion and microcrystals. Snail Serum is an amazing ingredient to induce proper healing of the skin, while an abrasive tool such as microcrystals helps remove the top layer of burn scar to improve the texture and tone of the skin.


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